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The best personal loans of 2023: the top selection

In a world where financial needs arise unexpectedly, a personal loan emerges as a swift and reliable solution. But the quest for a personal loan with favorable terms—low interest rates, minimal fees, and flexible conditions—demands patience and diligence.

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FLOA Bank: Your Path to Hassle-Free Financing

FLOA Bank stands out as my top pick, offering an unallocated loan from €3,000 to €50,000. This accessible loan spans 6 to 84 months, with no processing fees. Notably, no mandatory bank account is required. Enjoy flexible, adjustable monthly payments and the option to modulate or take a break in repayments, all managed online. Unfortunately, not available for those in banking prohibition, but FLOA Bank boasts competitive fixed APRs, starting from 0.2%.

Younited Credit: Same-Day Financial Support

Younited Credit impresses with the ability to secure a personal loan on the same day, especially for amounts under €3,000. Conducting all processes online, it saves you valuable time and energy. The transparent simulation tool offers multiple monthly payment options, and the absence of hidden fees ensures clarity. Borrow up to €50,000 over 6 to 84 months, with rates ranging from 0.1% to 17.40%.

Cofidis: Versatility in Financing

Ideal for amounts exceeding €3,000, Cofidis offers a versatile personal loan capped at €35,000. Finance various projects without rate fluctuations based on project nature. Despite the online application process, supporting documents must be sent by mail. Benefit from a fixed APR of 0.9%, with no significant rate variations over extended repayment periods.

Cetelem: Flexibility and High Ceilings

Cetelem introduces flexibility with reduced initial monthly payments for the first 6 months. Opt for the "levels" option to halve initial payments, with subsequent fixed payments. Enjoy a high loan ceiling of €75,000 for diverse personal projects. APRs range from 1.9% to 20.57%, and the entirely online process ensures a quick turnaround.


Embarking on a personal loan journey requires careful consideration. FLOA Bank, Younited Credit, Cofidis, and Cetelem offer unique features catering to diverse needs. Choose wisely based on your financial requirements and preferences.


What is an unallocated loan?

Unallocated loans, like those offered by FLOA Bank and Younited Credit, don't require proof of use, providing flexibility in utilizing the funds for various projects.

Can I apply for a personal loan if I'm in a difficult financial situation?

While some institutions may have restrictions, options like Younited Credit provide accessibility to personal loans even in challenging financial circumstances.

Are there hidden fees in personal loans?

Transparency is crucial, and reputable organizations, including Younited Credit, ensure that all costs, including service fees, are clearly outlined in the loan offer.

How quickly can I expect a response after applying for a personal loan?

The response time varies; for instance, Younited Credit provides immediate definitive answers for smaller loans, while Cetelem commits to a final response within 72 hours.

What factors should I consider when choosing a personal loan?

Consider interest rates, repayment flexibility, and additional features such as online processes when selecting a personal loan that aligns with your needs.

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