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Ozzy Osbourne net worth 2023



€ 165 million





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Great Britain

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Short introduction

John Michael Osbourne, also called Ozzy Osbourne, is an English stone artist. He was the lead artist of the hard rock band Black Sabbath.

He was likewise effective as an independent craftsman around the world. Ozzy was hailed by the stone scene as the "Adoptive parent of Metal" (guardian of metal music) and "Sovereign of Darkness" (ruler of obscurity). Through the truth series "The Osbournes" his entire family turned out to be notable. His significant other Sharon Osbourne oversaw him. Two of his five kids, in particular Kelly and Jack, additionally became popular through the program.

Early life

John Michael Osbourne experienced childhood in Birmingham, England, as the offspring of an average family with five kin. The family lived in a two-room line house under helpless conditions. He got the moniker Ozzy when he was at school. Ozzy had incredible hardships at school because of his helpless perusing and spelling abilities. He left school as a teen and attempted to bring in cash for his family with different random temp jobs. The helpless compensation for these positions even made him a lawbreaker. He attempted as a robber however was gotten and needed to go to jail for a considerable length of time. There he inked his epithet on his fingers, which is one of his brand names today. After his jail stay, he needed to attempt himself as an artist. He purchased a mouthpiece and speaker from acquired cash and publicized a commercial at nearby music stores. Then, at that point, the main line-up of the band Black Sabbath met up. From 1969 to 1979 the band showed up with Ozzy as frontman. In 1979 the band mates isolated from their vocalist because of medication and liquor issues. These ought to altogether impact Ozzy Osbourne's life and keep him in profound openings. Notwithstanding, the division from Black Sabbath made room for a very effective performance vocation. The girl of the previous Black Sabbath administrator, Sharon Arden, urged him to begin his performance vocation and from that point on assisted him with beginning and fabricate his profession. The two framed a band and the main collection "Ozzy Osbourne" from 1980 was a triumph. 


Since the collection had been exceptionally effective in England, Ozzy and Sharon additionally attempted to acquire a traction in the USA. It prevailed with the collection "Journal of a Madman" in 1981. This work is viewed as an exemplary of substantial metal music. Ozzy Osbourne, with his appearance, style, vocals and music, unequivocally affected hard rock and the advancement of substantial metal in the eighties. His offbeat character, which is formed by the conditions of his starting point and his addictions and sicknesses, made him perhaps the best craftsman on the stone scene and one of the most renowned substantial metal performers on the planet. The fortunes of his profession were to a great extent directed by his significant other Sharon Osbourne (née Arden), on the grounds that Osbourne was regularly incapable to deal with his vocation and his abundance. In 1982 Ozzy Osbourne wedded her director Sharon. The insane and savage stage shows, in which Ozzy even inadvertently gnawed off the top of a bat (a fan had a genuine bat tossed on the stage and Ozzy thought it was an elastic faker) were praised in the scene. Rehashed liquor and medication overabundances and the subsequent assaults of shortcoming more than once upset the visit measures. His third independent collection "Bark at the Moon" and the ensuing scene visit were by and by an incredible achievement. In 1986 "The Ultimate Sin" and Ozzy Tourte with Metallica showed up. After two years, "No Rest for the Wicked" followed, with this collection the band, whose heavenly body changed over and over, visited effectively. In the nineties, the studio solo collections "No more Tears" and "Ozzmosis" followed. "Sensible", "Dark Rain" and "Shout" showed up in the 2,000 years. In any case, other live collections were delivered. Because of a mishap, with a quad, on his own property, which was practically lethal, the visits must be hindered in the 2,000 years. In any case, Ozzy Osbourne is viewed as one of the stone performers with the most awesome stage shows and is praised worldwide as the ruler of murkiness. His more than 100 million collections sold ought to have given adequate monetary pad. The visits and the unscripted television series "The Osbournes" acquired large chunk of change for the family and made them world stars, likewise outside of the stone scene. Ozzy Osbourne has been the lead vocalist at Black Sabbath starting around 2012 and has visited effectively with the band and created further band collections. 

 Career highlights

Ozzy Osbourne is viewed as one of the most persuasive artists and specialists of the weighty metal and hard rock music scene. In 2002 he was granted a star on the Walk of Fame. Around the same time he sang the tune Paranoid to pay tribute to Elizabeth the Second's high position in England. The TV series "The Osbournes", which was communicated on MTV, made the entire family ascend to hotshots. For the single "Don't have any desire to change the world" Ozzy got the Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance. In 1996 Sharon Osbourne established the Ozzfest along with her better half. An awesome live event where groups, for example, Korn and Slipknot turned out to be very notable. Set up groups are likewise customary demonstrations at this, presently immovably settled stone celebration of the Osbournes.  

Amazing facts

Ozzy required 20 endeavors to get his driver's permit. He at last finished the test at 61 years old. The Osbournes own few significant properties. These incorporate a loft for around 3.8 million euros in West Hollywood, a manor in Buckinghamshire that has as of now been overflowed and a few flames behind it, and an estate for around 11 million euros in Hancock Park, which is the family property in America is. 

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