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Short introduction

Wincent Weiss is a German pop singer who has achieved high positions in the charts with his songs in recent years. His most famous songs include something against silence and fireworks.

Early life

Wincent Weiss was brought into the world in Bad Oldesloe, where he lived until he moved on from school. At the point when she was 16, Weiss chose not to move with his folks, but rather to complete his secondary school recognition in his old neighborhood. Alone, he began working close to the school.

As indicated by his story, he possibly discovered music exceptionally late when, in the wake of moving on from secondary school in Munich, he encouraged himself to play the guitar and afterward started to compose his first melodies. Simultaneously, in any case, he works in a café and even turns into a branch supervisor there. Be that as it may, during this achievement, his music can likewise leisurely persuade and because of a proposal for a record contract, Weiss surrenders his work and chooses to give himself to the music.  


As late as Wincent Weiss discovered his direction to music, the quicker he figured out how to acquire a traction in the scene. At the point when he was just 20, he partook in the Casting Show Deutschland sucht sanctum Superstar in 2013. He most definitely says that his choice to partake was exceptionally unconstrained and that he was subsequently frequently happy that he was dispensed with in the subsequent half and was allowed the opportunity to keep chipping away at his music. All things considered, after his cooperation, he could scarcely record any vital victories and couldn't construct a steady fan base. By and by, he didn't surrender the music and kept a YouTube channel on which he continued to transfer covers and tunes. One of these covers was Under My Skin by Elif Demirezer, which he distributed in the extended period of his DSDS interest and which got extraordinary acknowledgment. after 2 years the DJs Disturbed yet horny and Koby Funk made a remix of the cover and played it at a celebration. This remix arrived at 6th spot in the German diagrams in 2015.Presently a while later, in September of that very year, Wincent Weiss delivered his first performance single called Regenbogen. About a large portion of a year after the fact, on April eleventh, he delivered his first single music, which was granted a platinum record. Another single called Fireworks before long followed, which could even arrive at a gold record. In April 2017 he delivered his presentation collection Something Against Silence and had the option to arrive at third spot in the diagrams. This was trailed by a respite wherein no music was delivered. Notwithstanding, Wincent Weiss was a hearer at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev during this time, then, at that point, partook in the melody Lieb mich by Helene Fischer. He likewise recorded an acoustic rendition of his collection and delivered a select form with two elite tunes. Toward the finish of 2017, he won the honor for best German craftsman at the MTV Europe Music Awards. In the spring of 2018, he was named for two prizes at the Echos and won the prize as a Newcomer National. Simultaneously, Wincent Weiss delivered the single A Wunder, which entered the German outlines at number 18. Three additional melodies were delivered until March 29, 2019, until Somehow Different, his second studio collection was delivered. 

Career highlights

Notwithstanding his melodic triumphs, Wincent Weiss had the option to persuade Tabaluga in a similar language film. He likewise participated in the 6th period of Sing my melody – The Exchange Concert and keeps on expanding on his cross-type presence. Notwithstanding his costs, which will increment in number in the following not many years, he can persuade with character and appeal and hence makes an incredible polarization around his individual, who support his vocation altogether.  

Amazing facts

In spite of the fact that Wincent makes heartfelt popular music in his profession, he primarily pays attention to shake and metal. He even viewed himself as a metalhead. On his first visit in 2016, Wincent needed to control the visit transport himself. He was streaked a few times and at last even needed to deliver his driver's permit, and even twice.

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