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Leslie Jones Net Worth 2023

 Leslie Jones is a more known American actress for her roles in comedy movies and being writer on Saturday night live. She also played just for laughter and Aspen Comedy Festival. Recently, she played in Ghostbusters and played at Patty Tolan. We are here to find out what its net worth is today. 

The Beginning

She was born in 1967,

September 7, but had a different name at that time, Annette Jones, in Memphis, Tennessee. She lived as a child of the army because of her father so she moved a lot. After a while, she moved to Los Angeles where her father had a job in a radio station that belonged to Stevie Wonder.

Career Life

The first time she played as a comedian was in 1987, while remaining at the college where she participated in a competition called "the most funny person on campus". Of course, she won and it was the beginning of her comedian career, after graduating, she moved to where she started doing concerts in various comedy clubs. Mother Love and Dave Chappelle influenced her a lot and insisted it to go to New York to continue her comedian career. 

Net Worth of Leslie Jones

Currently, its net worth would be about $ 5.5 million. Most of it was made with his comedy career, but she also had several roles in films and television programs.

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